Panther Road Rage

How many students heard the message of your project?

Estimated percentage of your student body?

Who has your project aimed to reach?
Freshman class, Sophomore class, Junior class, Senior class, School professionals, Parents, Community at large

We felt that Road Rage was such a hot topic now a days. People have been struggling to keep their temper out on the road. Roads are filling up again as many return back to work after a 2 year hiatus!

Target Audience:
Parents, admin, students, EVERYONE…we’ve all been upset behind the wheel it’s important to be patient and safe at all times

We met multiple times to film certain scenes and use the mascot. Ideas were plentiful as to what to do and where to do it. I love the final product and the music we chose.

We had multiple lunch meetings and worked during gym class. We had a google classroom page too where we shared ideas and asked teachers for permission to use them in video.

Use of resources: 
The police visit our class annually to talk about their expectations for new drivers and how important it is to follow speed limits and avoid distractions

Use of media:
We have an instagram account and twitter page to spread the word. We made a quick PSA this year about not texting and driving and utilize our you tube page for all prior U got brains videos

I don’t think road rage is addressed often but it’s a problem we face daily. Teens need to realize how important the responsibility of driving is.

We had students fill out google forms to take ownership of times they’ve lost their cool and ask what they could have done better

I think we always speak about the devil and angel on our shoulder and if we drive home a point enough the students actually put some thought into their behavior when they see a situation arise.

Unexpected Lessons Learned:
It’s always nice to see the school come together around this time of year and rally around the Drivers Ed project we choose.

Stipend Reporting: Your school received a stipend to support your Champion School Teen Driving Safety Project. Additionally, any funds that you raised as a result of your project must be reinvested into transportation safety. The purpose of this report is to itemize expenditures for your project that were paid from the stipend

Panther costume- $500

Poster Boards and markers etc – $50

T shirts, food – $350

Total $1000