William Paterson University

The Crash Project

How many students heard the message of your project? 100

Project Description:
Description of project objective and its implementation.

The objective of our project was to raise awareness to the dangers of driving under the influence. We implemented this by showing how easy it is to make a mistake when your are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

School/Community Engagement:
How well did they reach their student body and the community? (Examples: connecting with nearby colleges, schools, local police departments, persons affected by crashes, local/county/state officials, local businesses, etc.)

Greek senate co sponsored this event with community policing which are two organizations on campus that have a big influence on the student body and campus as a whole.

Description of their creative process. What makes their project unique and engaging? (Examples: create artwork, music, plays, unique campaign slogan/logos, etc.)

we had community police provide course to help simulate walking and driving under the influence. The SGT in charge of community policing & her staff gave very moving speeches about how easy it is to make a mistake and lose your life or take someone else’s, when under the influence.

Use of Resources:
Use of resources to help identify, deliver, assess, and present their project. (Examples: utilizing local/statewide/national data, newspapers, social media, podcasts, etc.)

Our PR chair did research from trusted websites to gather statistics to spread more awareness. she utilized Instagram to promote the event along with community policing posting the event.

Evaluation and Impact:
Description of how they measured community engagement (examples: pre/post observational studies, focus groups, surveys, polls/quizzes, interviews, etc.)

we measured our engagement off of our pledges we managed to receive.