Becoming a Better Driver

Warm weather is finally here! There will be more people traveling to visit friends, family or taking day trips to the beach.  We believe that smarter drivers make safer roads, so we have compiled tips, tools and resources to help you drive smart and make NJ’s roads a safer place for everyone. Find out how you can:


of people in the U.S. wear their seat belt


of fatal crashes in NJ involve a distracted driver


hours are spent behind the wheel annually in the U.S.

Expect more people

Warm weather brings more people walking, riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards. Use caution when driving and pay extra attention to crosswalks.

Don’t Speed

With warm weather, we might be tempted to go faster. Slow down and watch your speed especially when it is raining, it could save a life.


Watch out for motorcycles

Keep a safe distance when driving behind motorcycles, and always check for blind spots especially at intersections.

Give yourself extra time

Be prepared for unpredictable tourist traffic. Give yourself extra time to avoid tailgating and rushing to your destination.

Buckle up

Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash. Always double check that all your passengers are secure.

Slow down and move over

The NJ Safe Passing Law requires drivers to slow down and move over for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable roadway users. Drivers must provide 4ft or slow down to 25 mph when passing. Learn more here.

Driving while impaired by any substance—legal or illegal—puts you and others in harm’s way. If you feel different you drive different.

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving remains a concern nationwide, jeopardizing the safety of our roads. Alcohol, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and illegal substances can impair driving abilities, posing risks not only to the drivers themselves but also to others. Drunk-driving crashes claim approximately 37 lives in the US every day, equating to a life lost every 39 minutes. It’s crucial to raise awareness about this danger. Here are essential tips to stay safe:

Remember these important guidelines for celebrating responsibly:

  • Plan ahead: Before consuming alcohol, arrange a sober ride home, whether it’s a designated driver, public transportation, or a rideshare service.
  • Be the designated driver: Take turns being the designated sober driver among friends or family members to ensure everyone has a safe way home.
  • Lead by example: When hosting events involving alcohol, remind guests to designate a sober ride home or offer alternative transportation options.
  • Intervene responsibly: If you encounter someone who appears intoxicated and intends to drive, take appropriate action to prevent them from getting behind the wheel, such as offering or arranging a safe ride home.
  • Understand the risks: Alcohol, drugs, and certain medications can significantly impair coordination, reaction times, and decision-making abilities while driving, putting lives at risk.

Embarking on a Safe Road Trip

Is Your Vehicle Ready?

Preparing for a summer road trip or vacation requires thorough planning, including ensuring your vehicle is in top shape. Follow these tips for a safe journey:

  1. Check tires: High temperatures can lower tire pressure, impacting fuel efficiency and increasing the risk of blowouts.
  2. Inspect fluids: Regularly check coolant and other fluids to prevent overheating and maintain optimal performance.
  3. Replace wiper blades: Be prepared for summer thunderstorms by ensuring your wiper blades are in good condition.
  4. Test battery: Prevent breakdowns by checking your battery’s performance, especially in hot weather.
  5. Prepare an emergency kit: Pack essentials like a flashlight, jumper cables, reflective triangles, a first-aid kit, sealed snacks, and a multi-tool.

With these tips, you’ll be ready for a memorable road trip while prioritizing safety and vehicle maintenance.

Pledge to Share the Road

Each day you’re on the road with thousands of other parents, teachers, mothers, fathers, and kids in all types of vehicles. From cars and trucks to buses and motorcycles – we’re all sharing the road. Join us in becoming a smarter, safer driver.


There’s Always More to Learn.

New Jersey has a variety of special initiatives to help improve the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians on our roads. Check out these sites for more great info:

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