Becoming a Better Driver

We believe that smarter drivers make safer roads, so we’ve compiled tips, tools and resources along with some surprising facts to help you drive smart and make NJ’s roads a safer place for everyone. Find out how you can:


more fatalities from motor vehicle crashes in NJ to date in 2016 than 2015


of survey respondents age 16-65 say they engage in smartphone activities while driving


states have laws banning texting while driving

Signal When Turning or Changing Lanes

It’s not just the law, it’s the only way other drivers will know your intentions

Leave Yourself
Some Room

Don’t tailgate. Leave a full car length of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Check Your Blind Spots and Mirrors

Make sure you don’t miss pedestrians, motorcycles, or other vehicles before you change lanes or back up.

Slow Down

Choose to arrive alive rather than speeding.

Avoid Distractions

That includes mobile phone calls, texts, reading, putting on makeup and turning around to talk to kids or other passengers

Stay Alert

From unanticipated road hazards like potholes and debris to construction zones, detour signs and even weather-related road conditions – all drivers need to be alert and ready to react quickly and safely.

There’s no safe way to use a cell phone and drive.

Hands-free is not risk-free.

Driving Distractions

We all know texting and driving is a bad idea and prohibited in New Jersey. But that’s only one of the tempting distractions we face every day as drivers. Other passengers and “multi-tasking” can be equally or even more distracting. Many motorists find themselves doing at least one of the following while driving:

  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Texting
  • Reading
  • Grooming
  • Eating
  • Talking to other passengers
  • Using in-vehicle technologies like navigation systems, music systems, DVRs, etc.

These are all distractions. Doing any of these things while driving takes your full attention off the road and puts you at a higher risk of a crash. Now, think about everyone else on the road that may be doing the same thing – that’s why distracted driving is so dangerous.

Degrees of Distraction

Yes, certain distractions are more risky than others while driving. The longer your eyes and attention are off the road, the greater the risk of a crash.

How risky is your driving?

Reading - 3.4x
Reaching for a moving object - 8.8x
Turning around in a seat - 8.8x
Talking on a cell phone - 4x
Texting - 8.23x

Source: National Safety Council

Think you can you text and drive? Put your skills to the test »

Pledge to Share the Road

Each day you’re on the road with thousands of other parents, teachers, mothers, fathers, and kids in all types of vehicles. From cars and trucks to buses and motorcycles – we’re all sharing the road. Join us in becoming a smarter, safer driver.


There’s Always More to Learn.

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