Take Action, Beat The Distraction

How many students heard the message?

Estimated percentage of your student body?

Who has your project aimed to reach?

  • Freshman class
  • Sophomore class
  • Junior class
  • Senior class
  • School professionals
  • Parents
  • Community at large

The objective of our project this year was to, in addition to continuing the promotion of safe driving habits as we have done in the past, to also get our school administration and board of education on board to not only offer presentations annually to our sophomores, juniors, seniors, and parents, but to approve to have attendance to one of these presentations a requirement linked to the privilege of parking on campus.

Target Audience:
Our target group is sophomores through seniors and their parents.

Early on in the school year we met with our principal to discuss and set up a pilot run for an optional Share the Keys presentation offered to high school parents and students. Our plan was to see how attendance went after the initial presentation and then move on from there. After running our first presentation in the fall and getting a decent turn out we took the next step to get board approval for a change in policy regarding parking on our campus for students. Currently students do not have to fulfill any requirements once they get their license. They just fill out the paperwork, pay a fee and are given a spot. Our plan is to, prior to being eligible to park on campus, for students along with a guardian to attend a safe driving presentation offered at our school. These presentations would be offered multiple times throughout the year along with one over the summer.

In order to work towards our goals our campaign group met monthly after school, attended multiple events, attended board of education meetings, and had lunch dates during school to collaborate, plan and execute components of our project.

Use of Resources:
We utilized professionals in the area of traffic safety specialist to administer dynamite presentations during our school year. In addition, we partnered with the Nikhil Badlani foundation to deliver presentations throughout the school year to our sophomore classes. New Jersey Manufactures also gave great presentations this year to our sophomore classes.

Use of Media:
We are active on social media venues including instagram and twitter. PSA’s were made and played during the school year during our morning announcements. The local newspaper came to our unveiling of the traffic safety murals created this year and then wrote a very nice article about this entire project and process for our community to read.

Our project emphasizes the latest statistics and real life strategies parents and teens can use to stay safe. During each presentation students and parents are given the opportunity to role play various scenarios so they can practice implementing what they have learned and how they may use it in the future.

By taking attendance and seeing the numbers improve for each presentation offered we are able to measure how many more people are hearing our messages. Reflection cards are also utilized after each presentation so we can get feedback from our audience on things they learned, how to improve and what else they feel they need more information on.

Once entirely board approved (there has been a delay because of our current pandemic) this program/presentation will be a requirement students will have to fulfill in order to park on campus. Both students and guardians will need to attend potentially increasing our communities knowledge regarding teen driver safety.

Unexpected Lessons Learned:
We did not expect so much gratitude from the parents who have already attended this presentation. From their feedback we have learned that this is something they have wanted for quite awhile. It is an incentive for us to continue our work on promoting healthy driving habits and to do everything we can to keep everyone safe on the road.

Stipend Reporting:

  • T-shirts: $125
  • Wrist bands: $150
  • Give aways – lanyards: $175

Total: $650