Avoid collisions, make smart decisions

How many students heard the message?

Estimated percentage of your student body?

Who has your project aimed to reach?

  • Freshman class
  • Sophomore class
  • Junior class
  • Senior class
  • School professionals
  • Community at large
  • Other (Police dept; )

The objective (whether a driver, pedestrian, or other roadway user)of our project was to educate people that all roadway users have a shared responsibility on our roadways.

Target Audience:
For our biking safety initiative, we wanted to emphasize the importance of bicycle safety and rules with our high school population. We have a bicycle trail about a mile from our school, that is often utilized by our students. In Physical education classes we received 12 new mountain bikes, and extended our messages in Health and Physical Education class, as well as in our community.
Our pedestrian safety message was school and community wide. We collaborated with our local police department, colleagues, and other community members to support and promote our safety message.

We used a variety of techniques to implement our message. Our goal was to target as many students and community as possible. Methods of implementation included guest speakers with our students (share the keys, cooper hospital, South Jersey Highway Traffic Alliance, NJM),collaboration with other classes on project messages such as biking safety brochures, art club poster promotion, video, radio, and poster PSA’s, and social media campaign outlet. Art, graphic design, media, photography, physics, health and physical education classes assisted with implementation of the project. For biking safety the health, media, and graphic design classes showcased their school bicycles, and distributed brochures to our community about biking safety rules and regulations. Our pedestrian safety message was enhanced by media and health class producing video and radio PSA’s that were shown on local TV, and broadcasted on local radio stations. In addition we created a website to showcase those radio PSA’s as well.

Everything we did was an example of teamwork on our project. We collaborated with many of our colleagues and there classes, local police department, the township of Hamilton, and many other community members to enhance our message. Through our guest speaking engagements, sign-in sheets were part of the program. Photos and videos of our project took place in every phase of our project.

Use of Resources:
We collaborated with ACCC and Stockton University who shared our radio PSA’s. Our local police department supported and promoted our message by making our community more aware of dangerous pedestrian crossings, as well as biking safety, and the biking patrol officer having increased awareness with it. We had the South Jersey traffic alliance, and Cooper hospital share facts video, and statistics with students about the dangerous roadways and dangers of distracted driving, drinking and driving, pedestrian safety, and bicycle safety. We gave water bottles out to students (with our project message) for attending share the keys program.

Use of Media:
This was a big part of our project. We created radio and video PSA’s that were used on local radio and local television stations. We were covered locally by our current newspaper. Through social media we enhanced our project message through youtube, twitter, instagram, and our school website. Multimedia messages were shown on those platforms.

We believe our project continues to make a difference. Through classes discussion students are more mindful when biking, and at pedestrian crossings. We also did not have any student accidents since implementing the share the keys program.

We believe the message is being spread through various classes and curriculum. This is the largest number of students actively involved in the project. We believe increased participation means there in more interest and effort in accomplishing our awareness of project

Were using our message in a cross curriculum fashion. Year to year students are hearing the importance of our school project messages. We have seen an increase in the number of students and parents attending the share the keys program. Everyone in the community have become more well rounded on the perspectives of driver education rules and regulations.

Unexpected Lessons Learned:
Through our biking safety message, our school district has seen the importance of fitness and biking safety. They are purchasing 12 more bikes, and contacted an agency on biking maintenance.

Stipend Reporting:

  • Bike Water Bottles: $375
  • Car License Plate Frames: $375

Total: $750