Questions about the CRASH Project

What is the CRASH Project?

The CRASH Project (College Roads and Safety Habits) is an educational and awareness peer-to-peer program empowering college students to develop campaigns to address transportation safety on campus and in their communities. This program is open to student organizations, clubs, classes, and/or Greek life.

How do we become a part of the CRASH Project?

This program is open to New Jersey colleges. Online applications are being accepted now through December 31, 2025. Chosen groups are notified by January 20, 2023 and each participating group is awarded a stipend to help implement their campaigns.

What happens after we become a part of the CRASH Project?

Groups will be notified by BIANJ and work with you to set up a visit. Prior to the visit, group members will be advised by BIANJ staff about necessary paperwork and steps they can take to familiarize themselves with the project.

When will we meet with our BIANJ technical support person?

BIANJ technical support staff will schedule visits between September and January based on mutual availability. These visits can be in person or virtual.  There may be paperwork required ahead of the visit.

What kind of topics should we address in our campaign?

Any topic that pertains to transportation safety (pedestrian, bicycle, skateboard, scooter, bus, or car safety) can be used. Examples include:

  • Pedestrian, Bicycle, or Scooter Safety: Promoting visibility through reflective gear/bright clothing and helmet use. Educating on following traffic rules like using crosswalks, obeying signals, and avoiding distractions. Raising awareness about vulnerability and the importance of being a safe pedestrian and rider.
  • Drive-focused: Targeting unsafe driving behaviors (speeding, running red lights), sharing the road with vulnerable users (pedestrians, scooters, motorcycles, etc.), distracted driving prevention.
  • Ride-focused: Encouraging passengers to reduce driver distractions, promoting designated texters, intervening in unsafe driving situations.
  • Impaired driving/riding/walking: Highlighting risks and consequences of impairment from alcohol, drugs (prescription or illegal), drowsy driving, and promoting alternatives like designated drivers or rideshare services.

When can we begin work on our project?

As soon as your group is notified that you have been selected, you may begin selecting your team members and holding meetings. You can also begin researching your chosen topic, deciding the roles and responsibilities of your team members, and reaching out to other organizations or community groups to partner with you.

How many students should be on our team?

Each group picks their own team. Some groups will have small teams and others may be larger. You should decide the size and style of project management will work best for your campaign.

How can we spend the stipend?

Your stipend will help implement your transportation safety campaign. Some groups will use the money to purchase materials to develop the campaign or products for giveaways, t-shirts or wristbands. Some groups use the money to host speakers or events at their school. The only requirement is that the money be used for transportation safety. Also, any profits that you make as a result of selling items need to be reinvested into transportation safety materials or programs.

Can we earn additional funds for our project? 

Yes, you can earn additional prize money by gathering the most Share the Road Pledges. This can earn you an additional $500!  We will announce the winner soon after the final updates are submitted.  If your group has the most pledges, you will receive payment in the form of a check.

What documentation do we need to provide for our project?

You will be required to complete a midterm and final update on the CRASH Project. This will include a project summary, project plan, project outcomes, and supplemental material. Supplemental material includes proof of social media posts and any footage you have of your events. This can include photos of printed materials, press articles, surveys, questionnaires, T-shirts, or other materials.

When are the midterm and final reports due?

The midterm update is due February 28, 2025 and the final update is due on April 1, 2025. Both reports are online forms. These forms can be found on the CRASH Project page on