Becoming a Better Driver

The winter season is here, which means less daylight hours and icy, slick roadways. This season lets refocus on what matters most while driving – our safety and the safety of others. Smart drivers make safer roads, so check out our tips, tools and resources to help you drive smart and make NJ’s roads a safer place for everyone. Find out how you can:


of people in the U.S wear their seat belt


of all fatal crashes in NJ involve a distracted driver


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Stay Alert

Be cautious near crosswalks and watch for motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders, skateboarders and delivery workers.

Moderate Your Speed

Speeding is involved in one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. Slow down to account for lower traction when driving on snow or ice.


Keep Motorcyclists Safe

Keep a safe distance from motorcycles, check blind spots, and be cautious at intersections.

Weather Check

Before you drive, always check the weather, road conditions, and traffic for a safer commute.

Secure Your Seat Belt

Buckle up for your safety and ensure all passengers are properly restrained.

Watch for Wildlife

Stay alert for wildlife, especially during dawn and dusk.

Did you know black ice can form when the temperature drops below 32 degrees?

Drive Safe This Winter

Winter driving can get tricky and quite hazardous. Did you know that 17% of all vehicle crashes happen during winter? So, let’s gear up, prepare ourselves, and make our winter road adventures safer for everyone involved.

  1. Tire Maintenance: Ensure correct tire pressure and sufficient tread for improved traction.
  2. Clear Ice and Snow: Remove all ice and snow from your vehicle for better visibility and road safety.
  3. Child Car Seats: Use thin, warm layers to ensure a proper harness fit on car seats.
  4. Battery Check: Have a mechanic check your battery, charging system, and belts.
  5. Wiper Replacement: Replace wipers with heavy-duty blades every 6-12 months for winter.

Sharing the Road

Extend your awareness to all road users:

  • Pedestrians: Be extra vigilant at crosswalks and intersections, ensuring pedestrians have a safe path to cross.
  • Cyclists and Scooters: Allow sufficient space for cyclists, scooter riders, and delivery workers. Remember to be patient if road conditions slow their progress.
  • Motorcyclists: Watch for motorcyclists who may be navigating through winter conditions. Give them ample space and be aware of their presence on the road.


Pledge to Share the Road

Each day you’re on the road with thousands of other parents, teachers, mothers, fathers, and kids in all types of vehicles. From cars and trucks to buses and motorcycles – we’re all sharing the road. Join us in becoming a smarter, safer driver.


There’s Always More to Learn.

New Jersey has a variety of special initiatives to help improve the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians on our roads. Check out these sites for more great info:

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