Are you #Ready2Ride?

Warmer weather and longer days are approaching, so we want to see how you are getting ready for the riding season. Have you been working on your bike? Updating safety gear? Looking for safe, scenic routes to take? However you practice safety, share your smart riding, smart gear and smart judgment with us!

We’ll enter you to win $250 towards new gear or training courses.

To share your photo, upload it to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, and tag us @NJSmartRiders

Winners will be drawn weekly throughout May.

DISCLAIMER: To be considered, photos must be taken with the bike stopped, in a safe location. All riders and passengers that appear in photos must have proper equipment, i.e. a DOT-approved helmet. By sharing your photo you agree to be entered to win a weekly $250 prize towards new gear, and for your photo to be used as an example in future promotions. By posting your photo, you are pledging to be a safe rider, thus eligible for the prize money. Winner will be selected by a committee once per week on Thursday afternoons. You will be contacted via social media, so check your messages regularly.